Here's another list of videos and articles that I watched / read during June, starting with a new track from Run The Jewels' fourth album;

Ooh LA LA by Run The Jewels feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier
Christo: a life in pictures
Striking pieces by the Bulgarian artist best known for wrapping buildings including Berlin’s Reichstag, who has died aged 84.
I'm Not Your Dog by Baxter Jury
  • See A Satellite Tonight ( - find where satellites are passing overhead. Uses Google Streetview to show where they will pass in the night sky, and you can go outside and actually see them!
  • Thundercats Roar - almost universally panned animated reboot of the 80's TV series. I think it's actually pretty good if you can forget about the excellent intro from the original TV series. Nice and lighthearted for watching during a pandemic
  • Maersk, me & notPetya ( - longform about the ransomware attack that took out nearly the entire IT system of the global shipping firm, how they got back to working again and steps to avoid
  • ‘Crush This Lady.’ Inside eBay’s Bizarre Campaign Against a Blog Critic. ( - as per title

After watching the first manned space mission for SpaceX last month I came across this Youtuber/engineer who seems a little like Elon Musk and is creating rockets that achieve a similar thing on a much smaller scale

BTS.Space - Sprint scale rocket model with thrust vectoring
Terminal Slam by Squarepusher
Wildfires by Sault