Some links from week 12, 2021 (Mar 22 - 28)

Strong Feelings by Dry Cleaning <Flashing images>
  • Can My Water Cooled Raspberry Pi Cluster Beat My MacBook? ( - running a beautiful-looking watercooled Raspberry Pi cluster against various x86 computers
  • Is that ship still stuck? ( - it's great that we can see global shipping (and air travel) in near-enough realtime on the internet. With the huge Evergreen Ever Given ship getting wedged in the Suez canal it's been facinating to watch the queue of ships forming and the scale of the ship as they attempt to free it from the bank of canal. Quite tricky to find pictures of the ship quickly, but this website is a quick way to see the status of the ship and recent news about it
  • You Want to Know the Real Pierre? ( - the new season of Formula 1 started this week, here's a story from one of the drivers - Pierre Gasly
  • #Cancel We The Web? ( - article about Richard Stallman and cancel culture