Well this post is a little late, but only by a day - I noticed that the highly addictive game Factorio had reached version 1.1 and finally left the beta testing phase after 8 years. The way that this game is able to eat time is unreal, anything I want to do must be done before loading the game otherwise it'll never happen...

The new album by Black Country, New Road was released last week, playlist from YouTube below:

For the First Time by Black Country, New Road
  • The Feminine Physique (belivermag.com) - well written article about trying to achieve success in Woman's bodybuilding competitions and the sacrifices and commitment that it takes
  • Deleting Facebook (robertheaton.com) - I've posted articles before about deleting Facebook or Google accounts, and here's another one. Personally I've not been able to completely delete my Facebook account but I did a few months cold turkey from it last year and haven't felt the need to go back. My day is now spent wasted browsing on Reddit. I think Whatsapp might be virtually impossible to delete, and Instagram is a nice product that's not too distracting for me, just not worth the data-harvesting
  • FreedomBox - a software stack for self-hosting your own home server that looks to take the headache out of most of the setup - I prefer to do things the hard way though and set everything manually. Has a fairly thorough list of Apps though that is useful for future reference
  • Blog with Markdown + Git, and degrade gracefully through time (brandur.org) - building a blog that can use Git to survive eternally (or at least until Git disables your account for being inactive)
  • Killer Whales: 'Transient' Orcas are thriving (theatlantic.com) - story of the evolution of the orca population in the Salish sea, Washington. From the popular but now dwindling 'resident' whales which hunted salmon in the sea, to the more secretive 'transient' whales which tend to hunt seals by stealth. Both groups of whales stay apart from each other and differ not only in their food of choice, but also their language and behaviour
  • Build cheapest kubernetes i7 cluster (stencel.io) - I just don't know enough about Kubernetes to go down this route yet, but here's a good build using second hand laptop parts to build a powerful computing cluster with four nodes and a decent amount of power, while also being affordable to run.